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Lands Department

Accesss to Inuit Owned Lands

Aim of Inuit Owned Land Management

The aim of Inuit Owned Land management is to administer Inuit Owned Lands on behalf of all Inuit so as to promote the principle of self-reliance and the cultural and social well-being of Inuit now and in the future. Inuit Owned Lands must be managed in such a way as to sustain and enhance the value of these lands.

Intrinsic to these aims is the active participation of Inuit at all levels of land management decision-making. Given that community objectives will invariably differ and that the selection of lands reflects competing interests and preferences (for example, conservation and wildlife harvesting versus mineral development) the management of Inuit Owned Lands must be open, democratic, and accountable to regional interests. These concerns must be balanced by a broader consensus regarding the role of Inuit Owned Lands in achieving the objectives of the Nunavut Land Claim Final Agreement.

Authorization required

Authorization is required to in order to access Inuit Owned Lands for the following purposes: