Financial Assistance

Applications for Financial Assistance

The Contributions to Small Business Program (CSB) is used to help meet the financial needs to individuals and small business in Kivalliq communities by providing grant contributions. The contributions, which do not have to be repaid, are given to individuals and small businesses that are working to build a stronger economy. Projects will be approved for grants that promote community development, business growth, training, increase jobs and income and highlight regional economic opportunities.

The CSB program, formally administered by Kivalliq Partners in Development, will provide grants to individuals as well as small businesses, renewable resource harvesters and artisans in order to offset the costs of tools and equipment to further business endeavours as well as engage in training initiatives.

CSB provides contributions of up to $5,000.00 per application/individual/business. An accounting of how contribution funding was spent is required from the client.


Eligibility for funding is limited to Inuit registered under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement living in the Kivalliq region and to Inuit-owned businesses in the Kivalliq region.

The individual or business applying for the grant must contribute 10% of the total purchase cost.

Subject to funding availability, completion of previous projects and submission of accounting for previous projects, clients can apply for additional funding for other projects in future years.

Guidelines & Application