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Lands Department

Exclusive Possessions:

Marble Island, Mitillik and Quartzite Islands

Marble Island, Mitillik and Quartzite Islands are located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, east of Rankin Inlet. These islands are of significant cultural, historic, and harvesting importance to the Inuit. Through a 1994 Agreement between the KIA, Government of Canada, and Government of the NWT, exclusive possession of these islands has been granted to the Inuit of the Kivalliq.

Exclusive possession removes the right of the public (non - beneficiaries) to access, harvest wildlife, or to cross these parcels of Inuit Owned Land unless specific consent has been granted by the KIA Land Administration office. The circumstances under which the public generally has the right to enter Inuit Owned Lands do not apply with regard to Marble, Mitillik and Quartzite Islands.

In particular, it is important that cruise ships desiring to make a stop at Marble and Quartzite Islands contact KIA Lands Office during the planning phase of the cruise. Do not land on the islands without specific permission from KIA Lands.