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Part-Time Job — Research Assistant

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. and the Kivalliq Inuit Association (KIA) are looking for part-time research assistants to help conduct interviews and workshops for an Expectations and Perceptions Mapping Study.

Agnico Eagle has three active mining projects in the Kivalliq region (Meadowbank, Meliadine, and Whale Tail). The KIA and Agnico have signed Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreements (IIBAs) to monitor the impact of mining on Inuit in the Kivalliq.

The research assistants will be trained by the study consultant on interview and workshops procedures and will then be in charge of collecting information in their community (and possibly other communities in the Kivalliq).

The position may require some travel for training and for information collection. We are looking for multiple assistants and you can be based in any community of the Kivalliq.

We are looking for research assistants who:

If you've had previous experience in research, this is a bonus!

If you are interested in this job, please send your resumes to Lisa Oolooyuk (867) 645-5759 or
by October 23rd, 2017.

Meliadine On-Site Working Group

KIA logoWe are pleased to announce that an On-Site working group between KIA & AEM has been formed with the purpose of identifying and resolving issues at the Meliadine Project that affect Inuit employment and interests.

If you would like to bring forward any concerns, you may contact:
Panniuq Karetak, Meliadine IIBA Coordinator   Tel: (867)-645-5758
Fax: (867)-645-2348   Toll free: 1-800-220-6581